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A village like from a painting - that's the title we carry

traditions are dear to us and folklore runs through our veins

The Roman Rotunda is our pride

as are these tuff wine cellars from a forgotten time...



Location of Baďan Municipality


The municipality is made up of two cadastre territories – Baďan and Klastava. The territory is located in the landscape park of Štiavnické vrchy which is part of the unit of Slovak Central Mountains and in the southern part of Sitno Highlands going over to Danubian Hills.

According to the current administrative division of the Slovak Republic, the Baďan Municipality belongs to the Banská Bystrica Region, Banská Štiavnica District. In terms of the district, the municipality is located in its southern part. It borders with cadastres of the municipalities: Beluj (Banská Štiavnica District) on the eastern side, Počúvadlo (Banská Štiavnica District) on the north-western side, Jabloňovce (Levice District) on the western side. The southern border of the Klastava Municipality borders with the cadastre of the Ladzany Municipality (Krupina District).

 The mathematical location of the municipality is given by its location on the Earth and can be expressed in form of a coordinate system. The cadastre territory of the municipality is delimited by the geographical coordinates - 48° 19′ 56″ N, 18° 50′ 27″ E; (48.332222°, 18.840833°). GPS coordinates: 48.331539, 18.840645. The municipality’s height above sea level lies in the range between 410 m a.s.l. and 600 m a.s.l.

The municipality’s own traffic network consists of 2nd and 3rd degree roads (Počúvadlo - Levice, Baďan -Klastava - Beluj) connecting the main traffic paths of Levice - Banská Štiavnica, Počúvadlo - Krupina and townships of Baďan - Klastava with the respective accompanying infrastructure.



Municipal Office

Baďan No. 11

969 01  Baďan


Contact information

Phone/Fax: 00421 45 672 66 24

Mobile: 00421 918 892 842

Mobile - mayor of municipality: 00421 907 358 377


Mayor of municipality:

General information:



Site administration:


Business hours

Monday          7.30 - 15.30

Tuesday          7.30 - 15.30

Wednesday     7.30 - 15.30

Thursday         7.30 - 15.30

Friday             7.30 - 15.30


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